* I urge you to find a physiotherapist who practises Adverse Neural Tension Stretches (ANTS). Tendonitis is the principal problem in repetitive strain injury (RSI), and ANTS have revolutionised the treatment of RSI. If your problem is related to use of a keyboard or any repetitive activity, then it is imperative to work out the ergonomics of the activity. It’s important to do regular stretches and take regular breaks, and to set up a workstation so that head, hands, arms and legs are correctly positioned. – Susana Raby

* I suffered from tendonitis in the shoulder for six months last year, and for a shorter period the previous year. In my case, it was ‘calcific tendonitis’ due to a build-up of calcium crystals. I discovered it can be caused by excess caffeine, protein or alcohol consumption. For me, a couple of strong coffees a day was the likely culprit. I’ve cut down heavily on my coffee consumption and the problem has completely disappeared. A colleague at work also suffered when on the Atkins Diet – i.e. too much protein. – Pauline Powell

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