Mind Over Matter

Basic Freedom: A Wellness Perspective

This holiday season is becoming a shocking eye-opener. Amidst the typical trials and tribulations of our fast-paced society, who would have expected America to be immersed in a war against terrorism? And who would have expected the stark reality...

Healing: An Individual Perspective

Something’s bothering you. Perhaps it has for some time. Difficult to ignore, it’s keeping you off balance. How did I know, you might be asking. The answer is simple. As humans we have more in common than what separates us. Life holds...

A Woman in bed with a cold

The Common Cold: A Mind-Body Perspective

If the sniffles are getting you down, what you’re about to discover just might help you stay healthier this season. While we've been blasted with countless ads touting the benefits of Vitamin C, Echinacea and a host of other natural remedies, rarely...

Vigilance: Or Paralysis?

September 11th struck America in the heart, and our nation’s wound continues to ooze with ongoing terrorist threats. Everyone seems to be on guard to varying degrees. Some appear more threatened than others. Feelings are mixed, uncertainty is...

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