Reducing Stress Reduces Heart Disease

In "Reducing Stress Reduces Heart Disease" David S. Sobel, M.D. reports on a study of patients with heart disease where it was found that relaxation, taming hostility, and helping people change the way they look at life's challenges can reduce their...

Shift Happens

'Shift Happens' has been posted on the wall of my office for many years. As a change management consultant, I placed it there as a reminder that the work I do within organizations and with executives occurs, oftentimes, at a snail's pace...

Nail Soup: Just Add the Spices

If you're facing challenging times or if you're simply feeling down and out, here's a story that just might help you get back on your feet. In "Nail Soup: just add the spices" Barry Bittman, M.D. offers us this metaphor of encouragement, of belief...

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