Patient Advocacy in Hospitals

On Your Own Behalf

I am often asked some version of the following question. What five tips do you have to ensure we get the best possible health care and feel empowered with doctors? Since this is typically asked by and/or for women, my answers are offered in that...

The Final Say

In my business practice, I often find myself coaching individuals who insist on having "the final say." They are committed to the appearance and/or actuality of being in charge and often run their own company. Few, if any, apply this commitment to...

The Failure to Cope

We come to the work of caregiving without any training on how to be an advocate for our loved one OR how to care for ourselves while we do this. Since this is sacred work, it requires a connection to our self, our loved one, our families and...

Advocacy Resources – Help is Available

Most of us enter the world of hospital-based advocacy as a "beginner. We lack either the technical knowledge because we are not trained in medicine; or the personal knowledge because we have never been an advocate and/or patient before. For hospital...

The ‘Good’ Visitor

Most of us head to the hospital to visit a sick or recovering friend or family member without giving it a thought. Give it a thought! There are many things you can and should do to make sure the experience is both positive and safe for you, the...

Shift Happens

'Shift Happens' has been posted on the wall of my office for many years. As a change management consultant, I placed it there as a reminder that the work I do within organizations and with executives occurs, oftentimes, at a snail's pace...

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