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Eucalyptus globulus


Eucalyptus globulus Myrtaceae Names: Blue Gum. Habitat: Victoria and Tasmania in Australia, cultivated in USA and Southern Europe etc. Collection: Part Used: Leaves, and the oil distilled from them. Constituents: Volatile oil, the major component of...

Eucalyptus globulus


With more than 600 species, eucalyptus offers a variety of scents. The blue-gum variety is the most widely cultivated and produces most of the oil available today. It was introduced at the Paris Exposition in 1867 after the Melbourne, Australia...

Aromatherapy for the Respiratory System

Afflictions of the respiratory system include irritation and infection of the ears, nose and throat. Respiratory problems also may involve congestion, which can be decreased by inhaling rosemary (especially the verbenone type), hyssop (use var...

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