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Yellow Dock

Rumex crispus Polygonaceae Names: Curled or Curly Dock. Habitat: A common European weed. Collection: The roots should be unearthed in late summer and autumn, between August and October. Clean well and split length ways before drying. Part Used: Root...

Tea tree

Ti Tree

Melaleuca alternifolia Myrtaceae Names: Tea tree Habitat: Swampy, low lying wetlands in New South Wales, Australia. Collection: Part Used: Essential oil. Constituents: Essential oil containing a range of terpenes and sesquiterpenes. Actions: Anti...

Oregon Mtn Grape

Berberis aquifolium Berberidaceae Names: Oregon Grape Root, Mountain Grape. Habitat: Oregon, N. America, cultivatied as a garden plant elsewhere. Collection: The underground parts are collected in the autumn,carefully cleaned, cut into slices and...

Trifolium pratense

Red Clover

Trifolium pratense Papilionaceae Habitat: Widely distributed throughout Europe including Britain, naturalized in N. America and many other parts of the world. Collection: The flowerheads are gathered between May and September. Part Used: Flowerheads...


Scrophularia nodosa Scrophulariaceae Names: Rosenoble, Throatwort, Carpenter’s Square, Scrofula Plant. Habitat: A European and British wild plant. Collection: The stalks and leaves are gathered during flowering betweenJune and August. Part...

Arctium lappa


Arctium lappa Compositae Names: Lappa, Beggar’s Buttons. Habitat: Grows in hedges and ditches in Europe, parts of Asia, N.America; cultivated in Japan. Collection: The roots and rhizome should be unearthed in September or October. Part Used:...


Galium aparine Rubiaceae Names: Goosegrass, Clivers. Collection: The plant should be gathered before flowering and dried in the shade. Parts Used: Dried aerial parts and the fresh expressed juice. Constituents: Glycoside asperuloside, gallotannic...

Iris versicolor

Blue Flag

Iris versicolor Iridaceae Habitat : Eastern and Central North America, growing in marshy places, producing distinctive blue flowers in spring. Commonly grown in Britain as an ornamental. Collection : The rhizome is best collected in the autumn. Part...

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