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Daucus carrota

Wild Carrot

Daucus carrota Umbelliferae Names: Queen Anne’s Lace, Bird’s Nest Weed, Devil’s Plague (!) Habitat: Europe, Asia, North America and N. Africa. Collection: The aerial parts of the herb should be collected betweenJune and August when...

Populus tremuloides

White Poplar

Populus tremuloides Salicaceae Names: Quaking Aspen, American Poplar. Habitat: N. American. Collection: The bark should be collected in the spring, taking care notto ring-bark the tree and thus kill it. Part Used: The bark. Constituents: * Phenolic...

Sweet Violet

Viola odorata Violaceae Names: Violet. Habitat: Widely found in Europe and Asia. Collection: The leaves and flowers are gathered in the spring, in March and April. Dry with care. Part Used: Leaves and flowers. Constituents: Phenolic glycosides...

Urtica dioica


Urtica dioica Urticacea Names: Stinging Nettle Habitat: Everywhere! Collection: The herb should be collected when the flowers are inbloom. Part Used: Aerial parts. Constituents: * Chlorophyll in high yields * Indoles such ashistamine and serotonin *...

Zanthoxylum americanum

Prickly Ash

Zanthoxylum americanum Rutaceae Names: Tootheache Tree Habitat: Canada and the USA. Collection: The berries are collected in late summer and the bark isstripped from the stems of this shrub in the spring. Part Used: The bark and berries...

Viola tricolor


Viola tricolor Violaceae Names: Wild Pansy. Habitat: A common British wild and garden plant. Part Used: Herb. Constituents: Flavonoids, including violanthin, rutin, violaquercitrin. Methylsalicylate Miscellaneous; mucilage gums, resin, saponin...

Stellaria media


Stellaria media Caryophyllaceae Habitat: A common weed, it grows everywhere in moist places and frequently in gardens. Collection: This common `weed’ can be collected in spring, but may be found throughout the year. Part Used: Dried aerial...

Menyanthes trifoliata


Menyanthes trifoliata Menyanthaceae Names : Buckbean, Marsh Trefoil. Habitat : Marshy ground in Britain and Europe. Collection : The leaves are best collected between May and July. The maybe dried in the sun or under moderate heat. Part Used :...

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