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Christine Stevens is an international speaker, music therapist, and author. A modern-day troubadour, she introduces people all over the world to the power of musical expression. As Director of Music Therapy and Wellness Programs at Remo, Inc., Christine developed HealthRHYTHMS, currently being taught to health-care professionals in the United States, China, Japan Guatemala and Europe. A pioneer in the music and wellness movement, Christine serves as a consultant to the Mind-Body Wellness Center, the Wellness Committee of the Percussive Arts Society, and the International House of Blues Foundation. Through her company, UpBeat Drum Circles (, Christine offers community drum circles for corporate team building, diversity training, personal growth, and health & wellness seminars. With an itinerary that has included Hong Kong, China, and Western Europe, Christine has exposed over 10,000 people to her vision this year alone. Televised media credits include: CBS This Morning, KABC–Los Angeles, London Tonight, Living Better TV, and the Hong Kong News. Print media featuring Christine's work includes articles in such publications as The Christian Science Monitor, First for Women Magazine, Fast Company, The Oriental News and Natural Beauty and Health. A multi-instrumentalist whose credits include music director for Up with People International, Christine composes and performs in a wide variety of musical settings. Holding masters degrees in both social work and music therapy, Christine developed group drumming programs for the students at Columbine High School and PS150 at Ground Zero in New York City. (310) 770-3398
Drums ready for a drum circle

The Drum Circle

The artistry of the drum circle really begins before any drumbeats are heard. It begins with how you get the word out. The way you communicate about the drum circle has a huge impact on who will join and what they will expect. For posters, emphasize...

The Drum Circle

Since the beginning of humankind, people have gathered in circles for an important reason. The circle creates community. There is no hierarchy. A sense of equality prevails. The circle is a container for powerful transformation, a vehicle to build...

Peoples hand on drums in a Drum Circle

The ART of Drum Circles

Where and when did drum circles begin? Who invented this practice of drumming together in a circle? What was the ancient purpose of drum circles? Although we can never definitively answer these questions, we can theorize, and many scholars have and...

Vitamin Drum - Group of friends playing music

The New Vitamin D: Vitamin Drum

"Sound" is within the very definition of health. According to Webster's Dictionary, health is "being sound in mind and body." Other terms, such as being at a "higher vibration" and being "in tune" point towards the role of music in wellness. The...

The New Vitamin D: Vitamin Drum

A young woman sits in a circle of empty chairs playing her djembe, a West African healing drum. Gradually other women arrive. They join the song, playing their own rhythms on a variety of different drums. No two rhythms are alike, and yet somehow...

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