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Judith Orloff, M.D. is psychiatrist, energy and intuition expert, and author of the bestselling books Positive Energy, Guide to Intuitive Healing and Second Sight. She is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA with a private practice in Los Angeles and she leads workshops on the interrelationship of intuition, energy, and medicine. For information about books, audiotapes, and workshops visit Free Mini Video Classes on YouTube for You! Dr. Judith Orloff invites you to join her for a special year-long series of free video mini-courses on based on the materials in her bestselling books. In "Dr. Orloff's Living Room Series," she helps you build the power within, offering expert information you can immediately put to use in your life! Lessons include, "The Art of Remembering and Interpreting Dreams" and "How to Tap Into Your Intuition." . Sign up for Judith's free monthly e-newsletter and find out as new courses are posted:

Five Steps to Intuitive Healing

I realized when I first had visions that they were my first initial encounter with the fact that the form our faith takes is less important than the love it imparts. Years later, after a decade of searching, meditating, and studying with teachers...

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