Author - Jon Barron

Founder and Director of the Baseline of Health Foundation, Jon Barron has led much of the pioneering work in the study of nutrition and anti-aging for the last 40 years. He is editor and publisher of the Baseline of Health Newsletter and the Barron Report, which are both read by thousands of doctors, health experts, and nutrition consumers in over 100 countries. He is the author of Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, an acclaimed health book found in public and medical libraries across the US. He is also a leading product designer for nutritional beverages and supplements sold globally; however, his high-end formulas that are designed "without compromise" are sold exclusively online at Baseline Nutritionals ( which has experienced rapid growth in forty countries largely due to word of mouth. Mr. Barron currently serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the Health Sciences Institute. For more information or to download his book for free, visit
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