Author - Marilyn Joyce RD

As a cancer survivor, Marilyn Joyce discovered first hand that there is no quick fix system for overcoming this ominous intruder into the lives of those who are diagnosed with cancer. But the simplification of our lives, over time, along with a little patience, may reap quite remarkable results! In her journey back to wellness, Marilyn employed every resource available to her, and was astonished to discover that it was not until she got back to the basics in every aspect of her life, that she regained health. The way we eat, think and live has everything to do with our ability to ward off, prevent or overcome illness. The less complicated, the more simplified, our lives and our diets are, the less infringements we will experience on our health as a whole. 5 Minutes to Health explores the various issues involved in simplying a major consideration which impacts our daily lives: the food we eat! What we buy, how we buy it, where we buy it, how we store it, how we prepare it, and how we feel about it, are all very important aspects of the food we eat and how it affects our health. And time is of the essence! So the formula for healthy eating presented here is simple, quick, easy and FUN! And it makes sense! "When it comes to illness, there are no magic bullets...But a simple, high quality diet and lifestyle regime will, at least, give a person a fighting chance."

Slash the Fat

Discover healthy substitutions for butter, margarine, cream, hard cheese, hot dogs, commercial breakfast cereals and other popular foods.

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