Dietary Therapy


For better overall nutrition and health, you can find healthy substitutes for sugar, fats, dairy and white flour, as well as discover wonderful alternatives for healthy snacks.

Treatments Currently Used for Cancer

In order to know where we are going in cancer treatment, it is important to know where we have been and how we got where we are. This chapter looks at both conventional and alternative cancer treatment methods to give you a better understanding of...

Autumn 4-Day s Menu Plan

Autumn gives us richer and denser foods that require more heat to prepare; these include whole grains, dried legumes, and hard squashes. Thus, there are more cooked foods, more calories, fats, and protein, less liquids, and often a few added pounds.

Vegetarian Week

Vegetarian weeks provides a full 7 day menu for cancer patients who are looking to enhance their cancer treatment with an adjunctive nutritional therapy of a pure and nutritious diet.

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