Instead of White Sugar try (listed in order of preference):


barley malt

concentrated apple juice





fruit juice

date sugar

rice syrup

dried dates


carob powder

apple butter

Instead of White Flour use:

whole wheat flour



grind own flours




Instead of Oil/Fat use:

olive oil

fat free foods

natural fats

canola oil

low-cal mayonnaise

lemon instead of Hollandaise sauce

Instead of Salt use:

lite salt

salt substitute

soy sause


extra seasonings

Instead of Dairy use:

nonfat for whole milk

yogurt for sour cream

frozen yogurt for ice cream

Instead of Eggs use:

boiled or poached for fried egg

Instead of Meat use:

turkey bacon

turkey hot dogs

roast instead of fried chicken

tuna sandwich for hamburger

Healthy Desserts:


frozen yogurt instead of ice cream

angel food instead of chocolate cake

Healthy Snacks:

unbuttered popcorn instead of peanuts or chips

plain muffin instead of doughnut

baked potato instead of french fries

frozen yogurt popsicles

frozen orange juice bars

frozen orange sections

frozen bananas


  • Start off by using 2/3 of sugar called for in recipes, then decrease
  • Use honey and cut the amount called for in the recipe by 1/2
  • Use whole grain breads, rolls, crackers & pasta
  • Make whole wheat croutons
  • Use brown rice instead of white
  • Use more herbs and spices instead of salt and sugar
  • Start out changing your recipes by substituting 1/2 of the flour amount
  • With whole wheat, then whole grain amounts
  • Serve fruit with a bit of yogurt for some of your desserts
  • Try to add one new healthy recipe into the menu per week
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Try enjoying the taste of clean pure water


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Written by Noreen Quillin

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