Cardiovascular System


Danish chef Oscar Umahro Cadogan brings us a recipe for Cu, pronounced "tsu", a condiment from the North of China. Made from tamari and vinegar, cu is normally used as dip for dumplings or, with finely sliced scallion added, for spring rolls. It can...

From Walking to Running in Ten Weeks

Today’s column is for those people who have been walking for fitness on a regular basis, and would like to upgrade their exercise program to include a reasonable running routine. Running is one of the best aerobic activities for cardiovascular...

Sesame-Flaxseed Shake with Banana

Danish chef Oscar Umahro Cadogan offers us a "Sesame-Flaxseed Shake with Banana" that beats a regular milkshake, both in terms of taste and nutritive value. The sesame seeds contain lots of calcium and other minerals and the flaxseed is rich in...

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