Author - Chef Oscar Umahro Cadogan

Oscar Umahro Cadogan started working with food after suffering from serious GI dysbiosis and delayed allergic reactions to numerous foods for several years. At the brink of getting full-blown inflammatory bowel disease, he managed to turn his life around using ideas at the heart of integrated/complementary medicine. A thorough regimen of dietary changes, botanicals, I-V antioxidants, and probiotics helped him get well within a year. Having experienced the lack of information on how to eat while ill, both in terms of nutrition and from the perspective of gastronomy, he decided to work at unifying these two areas, which are often seen as incompatible. He has received much credit and acclaim for his work as a chef bridging the gap between nutrition and gastronomy from other chefs, patients looking to use food for prevention as well as a healing agent, and medical professionals using integrated/complementary medicine. He had his first cookbook published in Denmark in November, 1999 with 80 recipes all suitable for allergics and patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, as well as those interested in cooking extremely tasty and healthy food and is working on his next cookbook with recipes specifically for children. Several recipes from both books are featured in his column "Healthy Recipes". He often appears on Danish national TV and writes for several Danish newspapers and magazines on issues such as nutrition, the declining quality of industrially produced foods, superfoods, and the idea of using food as a healing factor. He has also worked as a guest chef in several Danish restaurants, taught cooking classes in healthy cooking, done consulting for producers of foodstuffs, and lectured about the importance of eating a diet in accordance with one's body's needs based on natural and wholesome foods. He is also in the middle of getting his own range of extremely pure, healthy, and tasty foodstuffs put into production for the Danish market.

Homemade Coconut Milk

Imagine pure, fresh coconut milk - free of additives such as preservatives, sweeteners, and stabilizers. Danish chef Oscar Umahro Cadogan brings us a simple recipe for "Homemade Coconut Milk" that will keep for days in the refrigerator.

Avocado-Apple Yogurt with Flaxseed

Danish chef Oscar Umahro Cadogan brings us a recipe for "Avocado-Apple Yogurt With Flaxseed," an excellent dairy-free fruit yogurt using only apples, avocados, extra virgin olive oil and unfiltered cider vinegar. It is every bit as thick and creamy...

Super Salad

Do you have trouble finding recipes to match special dietary needs? You will love this exciting new feature created by Danish chef Oscar Umahro Cadogan, who brings you tasty recipes for food that is highly nourishing and healing, and omits many of...

Super Oatmeal

Sometimes, it's the simplest things in life that bring the most pleasure. Danish chef Oscar Umahro Cadogan brings us one of them. "Super Oatmeal" takes very little time to make and nourishes body, soul, and the tastebuds. The sesame and flax seed...

Hazelnut Bread

Imagine a bread every bit as substantial and savory as wholegrain bread, but containing no grains. Danish chef Oscar Umahro Cadogan brings us this recipe for “Hazelnut Bread” which is suitable for people allergic to gluten, those following the...

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