Workplace Health Issues

Healthy Computing: Relief and Pamper Time

Ok, so youve figured out that we really want you to take breaks. We suggested you stretch at your desk then, we suggested that you move at your desk. Now, another reward. Give yourself gentle massages at your desk. Then when you splurge and get a...

Healthy Computing: More Relief

Did you practice some of the stretches we sent you last week? If not, make a commitment to yourself to do a stretch or self-massage every hour. If you spend 1 minute per hour taking these stretch breaks, it only adds up to 8 minutes per day. Think...

Healthy Computing: Relief

Do you find that you begin to ache when working at the computer? Does a
good massage sound inviting at the end of the day? When working for
extended periods we often begin to ache, especially at the end of a long

Healthy Computing: Drop Your Shoulders

We often tense our shoulders as we rush through the day, focusing on our tasks, anxious to complete our jobs well. Tense shoulders, which often creep up toward our ears, can contribute to tension in our arms, wrists and hands, and interfere with...

Healthy Computing: Clean Air

Our working and home environments are furnished with many man-made durable
materials, convenient appliances and equipment. Unfortunately, these
modern necessities have a negative side-effect they contribute to indoor
air pollution.

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