Healthy Computing: Relief

Do you find that you begin to ache when working at the computer? Does a
good massage sound inviting at the end of the day? When working for
extended periods we often begin to ache, especially at the end of a long
week. We can prevent that aching by taking a few moments to give
ourselves some RELIEF.


Gentle movements or massage can help to stimulate blood flow and bring
energy to tired muscles. Following are a few to do during your breaks
(remember to breathe diaphragmatically):

  • Rib Stretch: Sit comfortably erect in your chair with your feet flat
    on the floor. Gently reach toward the ceiling with your right arm and
    feel your ribs open up. Alternate between left and right about 5 times
    each side.

  • Finger Stretch: Open and close your hands, extending your fingers as
    fully as you can. Do this 5 times, rest for 5 seconds, and do another 5

  • Mid-Back Stretch: Cross your arms over your chest and place your hands
    on your opposite shoulders. As you exhale, gently drop your chin to
    your chest and pull your shoulders forward, stretching your mid-back.
    Slowly pull yourself up vertebra by vertebra. Repeat 2 to 3 times.

Do stretching or strengthening movements throughout the day to help
maintain health.

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Written by Erik Peper PhD

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