Studies Show That Acupuncture Increases Fertility

Acupuncture can increase fertility by reducing stress, increasing
blood flow and balancing the endocrine system, according to several
studies and medical research.

A study published in Fertility and Sterility examined 80 patients who
received acupuncture while already undergoing in-vitro fertilization.
After six weeks, 42 percent of the women became pregnant.

One of the ways acupuncture increases fertility is by reducing
stress, which is often a key factor in the fertility of both men and
women. When people are under stress, the hormone cortizol is released
in the brain. This alters the brain’s neurochemical balance, thus
changing hormone levels and disrupting the pituitary balance that is
key to the reproductive cycle. Acupuncture counters the effects of
stress and cortizol by releasing endorphins in the brain, which exert
a calming effect that relieves symptoms of stress.

An imbalance in the amounts of estrogen and progesterone can also
prevent pregnancy. Without enough progesterone, the fetus is be
unable to attach to the uterus. High levels of prolactin, the hormone
that stimulates the production of breast milk, can also prevent
ovulation. Acupuncture directly stimulates the hypothalamus to
effectively balance these endocrine hormones.

Acupuncture can also increase fertility by increasing blood flow
throughout the body. This provides a woman’s reproductive organs with
more nourishment and increases the density of the uterine wall. If
men are experiencing problems with impotence, an increase in blood
flow can increase potency.

According to a study conducted by the Washington Acupuncture Centre
in which 10,000 patients were treated and tracked for three years,
patients who had experienced sexual impotence improved by 57 percent
after receiving acupuncture.

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