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Our Mission The mission of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is to critically assess and present the theories and practices of Oriental medicine, together with its traditional and modern derivations, in order that its graduates may deliver a the highest standard of patient care. Pacific College (San Diego, New York, Chicago) presents this body of knowledge to students in undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as certificate programs, and to practitioners through continuing education. Our Educational Philosophy Pacific College of Oriental Medicine believes that the energetic and physiological principles of Oriental medicine are grounded in the laws of nature. While they may seem mysterious at times, they are not mystical. That is, they are knowable by the average human being without any appeal to the supernatural. Moreover, the knowledge base of this medical system can be increased through scientific inquiry. Lastly, these principles comprise a system of medicine that is applicable through natural means to the treatment of disease. Simply stated, we believe that Oriental medicine is knowable, teachable...and that you can do it. Pacific recognizes a spiral-like process in the endeavor to learn. Observation and reason lead to knowledge. After obtaining foundation material in the classroom setting, the student applies this material in the clinical setting. The clinical application leads to a deeper understanding of the original foundation material, which in turn leads to enhanced clinical practice and new academic advancement. Pacific also recognizes that learning is an individual achievement, though one in which others can, and often must, be of assistance. Pacific will assist by providing a tested curriculum, quality instruction, educational resources, personal support systems, structure, and a good dose of inspiration. Pacific encourages study groups and instructional methods designed to maximize the abilities of students with varying learning styles. Yet, in the end there is no substitute for time spent with effort. Pacific will provide personnel and instructional design realizing that it is the student who possesses the indispensable learning tools: a mind and the freedom to use it. So, to what will students of Pacific College apply their academic abilities? We believe that it is essential that practitioners of Oriental medicine thoroughly understand and have the ability to communicate, as well as apply, the wide variety of theories and techniques of Oriental medicine. Additionally, to create a safe and successful practice and to positively represent Oriental medicine in today’s medical culture the acupuncturist must understand the principles of modern medicine and have the ability to communicate in a professional manner with all health care practitioners. It is imperative that practitioners with primary care responsibilities have the ability to think critically, challenge traditional theories and practices, and research and imagine new possibilities. Pacific believes that even its non-primary care students, i.e., its advanced body therapy students, should be exposed to the underlying principles of Oriental medicine in order to anchor their evaluative and critical-thinking skills in a time-tested, accessible medical system.
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