EAV: Electroacupuncture According to Voll

The Electrical Properties of Acupuncture Points

A variety of electrical appliances have been used by acupuncturists to measure and quantify the skin’s electrical resistance and conductance over acupuncture points, and one of the most sophisticated, and seemingly useful, is the apparatus developed by Dr. Voll in West Germany. He feels that acupuncture points are rather like batteries, and the charge on the acupuncture

point represents the state of health (or disease) of the point an the organ or tissue, deep in the body, which it represents. If the stomach is diseased, the points on the stomach channel (the. points are on the leg), will have an altered charge or, more exactly, an altered electro-motive force. There is a considerate body of research work that supports these ideas and proves that acupuncture points do have special electrical properties.

Voll’s machine acts as a system of diagnosis in that it tells the acupuncturist which points, and therefore which organs, are diseased. It can also be used to make quite specific diagnoses as slight differences in the charge of the point indicate different types of disease processes; furthermore, the acupuncturist Cal use Voll’s machine to treat the altered (diseased) charge. Returning the point to a state of normal charge, or health, is often enough to control and cure the internal disease process.

Dr. Voll’s work is firmly grounded in traditional Chine medicine and can be thought of as a sophisticated ‘electric formalization’ of traditional Chinese diagnosis and treatment There are other systems of acupuncture based on the same principle; Roidaraku, a Japanese system of acupuncture, similar in idea to that of the Voll machine but is less sophisticated. The acupuncture points are measured less specifically but electrical measurements of the points are made and the measurements are used as a basis for therapy.

A variety of other new acupuncture techniques are being developed in the West, but as yet these are poorly evaluated. China is a poor country and has little technology available, but the West is more able to develop and evaluate these technological ideas and, at present, is far ahead of China in doing so.

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Written by George T. Lewith MA MRCGP MRCP

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