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Mitchella repens

Partridge Berry

Mitchella repens Rubiaceae Names: Squaw Vine. Habitat: N. America. Collection: Being an evergreen herb, it may be found all year round inthe forest and woodland habitat it likes. It is best collected in flowerbetween April and June. Part Used:...

Senecio aureus

Life Root

Senecio aureus Compositae Names: Squaw Weed, Golden Senecio. Habitat: Europe and N. America. Collection: The herb should be collected just before the small flowersopen in the summer. Part Used: Dried aerial parts. Never use the fresh plant...

Cramp Bark

Viburnum opulus Part Used: Dried bark. Constituents: Hydroquinones; arbutin, methylarbutin and traces of free hydroquinone Coumarins, such as scopoletin and scopoline Tannins; mainly catechins. Actions: Anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, nervine...

Viburnum prunifolium

Black Haw

Viburnum prunifolium Caprifoliaceae Names: Stagbush, American Sloe. Habitat: Eastern and Central USA. Collection: The bark from the roots and the trunk is collected in the autumn. The shrubs should be dug out and the bark stripped from roots and...

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