The best alternative treatment for . . . Fibromyalgia:What to do instead

A new holistic treatment has been tested on fibromyalgia sufferers, with reported remission rates of 10 years (J Musculo Pain, 1998; 6: 133-49). The protocol includes: pinpointing allergies; restoring good digestion; establishing a healthy acid-to-alkaline balance and immune system; eating alkaline foods; and taking supplements to eliminate free radicals.

Those recommended in the protocol include magnesium, choline citrate, glutamine, flavonoids (especially quercetin dihydrate), minerals and essential fatty acids. Many fibromyalgia sufferers are deficient in most, if not all, of these nutrients.

In addition, those who have poor digestion are treated with probiotics, while those with a yeast infection need to take ascorbate, magnesium and choline citrate.

Patients taking either Arnica, Bryonia or Rhus Tox for three months improved significantly (Br Homoeopath J, 1986; 73: 142-7).

In a study of 29 patients, all reported reduced pain and tender spots with acupuncture (Rheumatol Int, 1998; 18: 35-6). In an electroacupuncture study with 70 sufferers, all significantly improved compared with a sham procedure (BMJ, 1992; 305: 1249-52).

Massage therapy
Patients noted a reduction in pain according to the number of massages they had. There was also a decline in blood myoglobin levels, which some believe is a major cause of the muscle pain in fibromyalgia (Scand J Rheumatol, 1986; 15: 174-8).

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