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Oregon Mtn Grape

Berberis aquifolium Berberidaceae Names: Oregon Grape Root, Mountain Grape. Habitat: Oregon, N. America, cultivatied as a garden plant elsewhere. Collection: The underground parts are collected in the autumn,carefully cleaned, cut into slices and...

Trifolium pratense

Red Clover

Trifolium pratense Papilionaceae Habitat: Widely distributed throughout Europe including Britain, naturalized in N. America and many other parts of the world. Collection: The flowerheads are gathered between May and September. Part Used: Flowerheads...


Scrophularia nodosa Scrophulariaceae Names: Rosenoble, Throatwort, Carpenter’s Square, Scrofula Plant. Habitat: A European and British wild plant. Collection: The stalks and leaves are gathered during flowering betweenJune and August. Part...


Galium aparine Rubiaceae Names: Goosegrass, Clivers. Collection: The plant should be gathered before flowering and dried in the shade. Parts Used: Dried aerial parts and the fresh expressed juice. Constituents: Glycoside asperuloside, gallotannic...

Iris versicolor

Blue Flag

Iris versicolor Iridaceae Habitat : Eastern and Central North America, growing in marshy places, producing distinctive blue flowers in spring. Commonly grown in Britain as an ornamental. Collection : The rhizome is best collected in the autumn. Part...

Pediatric Eczema

Eczema, like its sister asthma, has become an increasingly common problem of today’s children. The obvious cause for the increasing incidence of both these symptom patterns is undoubtedly the increasing number of vaccines today’s children receive...

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