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Your suggestions to problems in previous E-news keep coming in, so here’s a quick resume of some of them.

Bunions: try iodine on them, but they could also have an emotional cause best treated by a flower remedy practitioner. In the meantime try aloe vera juice, and vitamins E and C.

Omega-3 sources: try Arctic Sea with omega-3 and -6, or Perilla oil, while a natural source is purslane, which can be added to salads or cooked.

Bedwetting: pumpkin seeds may help, as they are high in zinc. Reflexology, Bach flower remedies or chiropractic may all offer help. Try Virtual Scanning, says our man at the Virtual Scanning centre. One boy was cured with the help of an aura therapist, one reader relates.

White spots: they’re a sign of dehydration and an inability to break down fats. If it is caused by high cholesterol, it’s called xanthelasma, says one reader helpfully.

Itchy scalp: a scalp massage with 3 drops teatree oil, 2 drops rosemary oil to 30 ml jojoba oil, left in the hair overnight might help matters.

And so to other issues. . .one reader wonders if the ‘interview’ last week between WDDTY and a Department of Health official was a spoof. Well, we know our sense of humour can be subtle, but we didn’t realize it had become invisible! But yes, it was a spoof. . .

a homoeopath takes us to task for suggesting that ‘homoeopathic remedy x can cure disease y’. It doesn’t work like that, she says. Point taken, but these suggestions come from other homoeopaths. . .another homoeopath takes us to task for a different reason. We don’t give enough references to back up all the statements we make. For that, you’d have to read our monthly newsletter What Doctors Don’t Tell You, which is packed with references. E-news doesn’t seem to be an appropriate platform for this. So if you want the references, you have to subscribe. Sorry!. . .

we hear of a doctor called Dr John Reckless who wants to add a statin, the cholesterol-lowering drug featured last week, into the public water supply. So you’d have fluoride in the water to protect your teeth, and statins to protect your heart. Marvellous stuff. No wonder he’s called Reckless. . .

a few American readers say we’re attacking their country’s foreign policy, an accusation based on our tongue-in-cheek headline ‘There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq’. We thought we were taking a swipe at the UK’s foreign policy, but never mind. One gentleman says that Lynne McTaggart (WDDTY editor) doesn’t understand because she’s not American. Well, we think Lynne does understand, and she is an American.

But to spoil our argument, Lynne doesn’t write E-news. Damn.

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