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Petroselinum crispum


Petroselinum crispum Umbelliferae Habitat: Native to the Eastern Mediterranean, cultivated worldwide. Collection: The root is collected in the autumn from two year oldplants. the leaves can be used any time during the growing season. Part Used: The...


Gentiana lutea Part Used: The dried rhizome and root. Constituents: The whole complex of primary plant constituents and a characteristic array of secondary plant constituents are present. Pharmacologically important constituents include iridoids...

Mentha pulegium


Mentha pulegium Labiatae Habitat:A common wild or garden plant, in America, Britain, France andGermany. Collection: The stems should be gathered just before flowering inJuly. Part Used: Aerial parts. Constituents: * Volatile oil, consisting mainly...


A reader last time told us that she suffers from constant flatulence, which her doctor thinks may be associated with her vegetarian diet. One reader thinks dysbiosis, or the 'wrong' bacteria in the gut, could be the cause. Acidophilus and garlic may...


Flatulence may be perfectly natural and something that everyone gets, but if you have more than your share, it's a major annoyance.Where does all that gas come from, anyway? Often, it comes from swallowing air. It's also generated by

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