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Kava–Elixir of the Pacific

Kava is Piper methisticum Forst. from the pepper family, Piperaceae.
Depending on the area of the Pacific, Piper methisticum has been called
Kava, awa, waka, lawena, or yaqona by the people who have used it perhaps
for thousands of years.

Medicinal Mushrooms I

Mushrooms have been valued throughout the world as both food and medicine for thousands of years. Throughout the world, many people enjoy hunting for wild mushrooms, delighting in the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors exhibited by these "flowers...


There are many herbs with reputations as being effective sleep remedies, but there are no legal plants that will put a person out! The key to successful treatment of insomnia is to find the cause and deal with it. This may be anything in the realm...

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