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Calendula officinalis


The oil is costly and almost never available commercially, so we plant the colorful flowers in our gardens and infuse them into an herbal oil to use as a base for essential oils. Since two different flowers are called marigold, calendula is often...

Carrot Seed

Carrot-seed oil is distilled in France for use in perfumes. It comes from wild Queen Anne’s lace, the ancestor of carrot. The carrot oil used in cosmetics is usually carrot root extracted into vegetable oil. Marigold (Tagetes) is sometimes...

Caulophyllum Inophyllum

See the section on Carrier Oils in “Guidelines” chapter.
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Mentioned in the Bible in the Song of Solomon, spikenard was used by the ancient Egyptians and the Romans for nardinum ointment. Spikenard is the same heady oil lavishly poured over the feet of Christ by Mary Magdalene. It remains very expensive...

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