I’ve stopped taking HRT for osteoporosis

I was so impressed with your article on HRT (WDDTY vol 13 no 2) that I took it along to show a private specialist I was consulting about HRT (I have osteoporosis, or so they say, and have been on HRT for eight years).

He was also impressed and borrowed it to make a copy. I think you may have another subscriber as a result of this episode, and you will be pleased to hear that I decided to slowly come off HRT, and manage any symptoms in more natural ways.

Incidentally, I was at the Bournemouth Neways Convention, and was most impressed with your talk.

If you hear of any safe dark-hair colouring, I would appreciate being informed! I am currently using Alberto VO5 Colour Mousse after every hair washing, but feel it is a losing battle! – Jean Lloyd, via e-mail

What Doctors Don't Tell You Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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