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Piscidia erythrina

Jamaican Dogwood

Piscidia erythrina Leguminosae Names: Fish Poison Tree. Habitat: W. Indies and S. America. Collection: The bark is collected in vertical strips from trees growing in the Caribbean, Mexica and Texas. Part Used: Stem bark. Constituents: Isoflavones;...

Tanacetum parthenium


Tanacetum parthenium Part Used: Leaves. Constituents: Volatile oil, containing pinene and several pinene derivatives, bornylacetate and angelate, costic acid, b-farnesine and spiroketalenol ethers Sesquiterpene lactones; the major one being...

Chamomile flowers - Matricaria recutita


Matricaria recutita Part used: Flowering tops Constituents: There is a wealth of information about the whole range of components. However, this does not tell us much about the value and benefits of the herb as used in healing. The activity of the...

Migraine:Case study

A 51-year-old woman came to see me with menopausal symptoms. Since then, she had suffered frequent migraine attacks with nausea and vomiting, and leg cramps; her contact lenses had begun to hurt her eyes.

Headaches (Migraines)

It is accurate to tell a person with a migraine that the pain is all in their head. Considering that a migraine sufferer's head usually feels like it is the size of a city block, that's a lot of pain. During a migraine headache, blood vessels first...

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