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When typing, do you hear the clacking of your finger nails? Do you find
yourself straining to use the sides of your fingers when buttoning your
blouse or when opening doors? If so, your fingernails may be too long.
Excessively long nails usually increase hand, arm, neck and shoulder
tension because long nails encumber simple movements, resulting in awkward
wrist and finger angles. In addition, people with long fingernails tend to
sacrifice wrists and joints as they protect nails. Consequently, the
joints of the fingers and wrists cannot be placed in neutral positions
when typing, mousing, buttoning or doing other fine motor activities.
Stop sacrificing your health, save money and become fashionable when you
keep your nails TRIM AND FIT.


Observe how you use your hands. Are you protecting your nails? Do you find
that your wrists and fingers are at awkward angles when performing fine
motor activities? Do the tips of your nails rather than the pads of your
fingers strike the keys when typing?

If you answered yes, then its time to trim your nails to maintain wrist,
finger and joint fitness. Trim them so that you can easily button
clothing, type with finger pads, open doors and perform other fine motor
activities without sacrificing your health.

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Written by Erik Peper PhD

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