Healthy Computing: Scotch Tape Reminder

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Do your wrists sometimes hurt when you type at the keyboard or mouse?
When you are typing, do you rest your palms on the keyboard tray or on a
wrist rest? Although we know that its best to maintain a neutral wrist
(the top of the hand is in the same plane as the top of the forearm) when
working at the keyboard we often get caught up in our work and bend our
wrists. When we do this, our wrists take most of the workload of typing.
Learn to type with relaxed wrists when you use a SCOTCH TAPE REMINDER.


Cut a piece of scotch tape about 6 inches long. Starting in the middle of
the back side of your hand, place the tape so that it runs across your
wrist and into your forearm. Keep your left wrist neutral as you do this.
Now, put another strip of tape on your right hand while you keep it in a
neutral position.

Now begin typing. As you work, if you dip your palms or bend your wrists,
the tape will pull on your skin to remind you to return to neutral.

Each time you feel the pull take a micro-break.

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Written by Erik Peper PhD

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