Author - Lauri M. Aesoph ND

The Five Myths of Aging

If you were an alien visiting our planet, you might think Earthlings never age. Even as awareness about aging rises, most major magazines and television stations still fail to display vital, older people. Medical journals, on the other hand, harp on...

Drug-Free Help for Allergies

For almost 200 years homeopathy's effectiveness has been challenged by conventional medicine. Some say homeopathic remedies are no more than sugar pills. But last year in a study headed by David Reilly, FRCP at the University of Glasgow and Glasgow...

Antioxidants, Diet and Cancer

There are many causes of sexual dysfunction or impotence in men including loss of interest or ability to take part in sex. In his article, Michael Janson, M.D., outlines a program utilizing diet, exercise, lifestyle and dietary supplements to help...

The Facts about Brain-Boosting Nutrients

The B vitamins should be called the thinking and feeling nutrients because they nourish the nervous system. Frank deficiencies result in serious neurological conditions such as Wernicke's encephalopathy. But for the average American eating a normal...

6 Steps for Handling Stress

You're fed up. The kids are bugging you, your job is demanding and the housework never ends. Tired, irritable and unable to sleep at night, you want relief. This is stress. Stress starts when your body is confronted with more than it can handle be...

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