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Robert Rabbin is a contemporary mystic; a speaker and writer who presents Radical Sages programs throughout the world. He is a leading exponent of Silence and self-inquiry as a way of revealing our authentic being and of living an inspired life. He has followed the path of self-inquiry since 1969, when he began to practice meditation and research various spiritual paths. In the early 1970s he lived in Europe and the Middle East. In 1973, Rob trekked overland to India, where he met meditation master Swami Muktananda. He studied with Muktananda for the next ten years. Rob now leads seminars and retreats throughout the country and meets with individuals for private consultations. As an executive coach, Rob works with leaders from a broad range of companies and organizations. He is a coauthor of Leadership in a New Era, and his articles have been published internationally in numerous magazines and journals. Rob is a frequent speaker to groups in the business, academic, and spiritual communities. For details, visit,

Weird Failures

He wept. I was silent. I had seen him approach this threshold before, but not cross it. Now that he had, the real issues were clear, and they had nothing to do with the company or his “leadership.” The issues were sadness, despair...

When The Piano Strings Break

I have been searching for a metaphor to describe the ending of the spiritual path, about which people never speak. I found it today, or rather it found me, in the theater. In the movie “Shine” a young pianist named David Helfgott wanted...

If You See a New Paradigm, Kill It

I am sometimes consulted by people in the corporate sector to shed light on a particular situation or relationship. In one such case, I walked into the office of a client and he looked at me as though I were an alien from outer space, still dirty...

Sign showing Anxiety vs Serenity


This statement is usually spoken within minutes by almost everyone who calls me. I can hear it in their voice. The words gather momentum as they speak and sentences soon collide with each other. Their breathing is more like panting, as though they...

Silent Knowledge

There is a lot of talk about importing spirituality into business as an antidote to various forms of malaise. I think it’s important to ask, “Will it fit?” Personally, I don’t think so, because it would be like trying to...

woman walking on the beach

The Bottom Line Of Spirituality

This might not seem very promising, since we are usually trying to become or attain something other than what we are, now, in this moment. Inevitably, we must ask, “What, or who, are we?” No one can teach us the answer to this question...


We have been told many things about anger and what to do about it, but do we know what it is, not by definition and explanation, but through seeing it as it comes into being? We can't deal effectively with anger, because anger is just a word. Anger...


Awareness can't be explained. It is neither an object nor an experience. It is that consciousness which pervades every atom in the un

Dying is Fun

The image of ourself, the "I"-thought, does not want to die. It wants to stay around and enjoy its own drama. If the "I-thought" sme

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