Awareness can’t be explained. It is neither an object nor an experience. It is that consciousness which pervades every atom in the universe. Awareness is the Self.

We usually perceive with thought and know through memory. In this way the world is nothing but a thought form, a representation of what our senses are able to register and what our minds store in its vaults.

Awareness is the intelligence of the creative energy that gives life and vitality to the cells of the brain. Do you know what thought is? Thoughts are lightening flashes in the brain. Thoughts are electrical impulses that careen through channels in the brain like lightening trying to escape from long corridors. These flashes create impressions that are stored as memory. As long as we are immersed in thoughts and memory, we donÕt know anything of the real world. In between thoughts, when the brain circuitry is momentarily quiet, a gap exists and in this gap awareness flashes independent of the brain’s architecture.

Awareness does not need an instrument like the brain to function. It is inherent in all manifestation. Awareness is the vibration of consciousness itself. This awareness is not bound in any way. It is supremely free and unconditioned.

Awareness is not a power of the mind. Awareness transcends the mind and its projections. The mind merges into its source, disappears, and only awareness remains. The wind cannot be seen, but when the trees begin to sway and the leaves gust in little eddies, we know the wind is about. So it is with awareness.

Awareness is present at all times and in all places. Awareness is the play of consciousness, creating everything, holding everything, dissolving everything. Awareness is consciousness; consciousness is the Self; and we are that Self.

It is not as remote as it seems. We frequently forget to remember ourself, and still we function and things happen. It is only our identification with our body and senses, our mind and memories, and the objects of the world that prevent awareness from expressing itself through us fully. This is why we meditate.

Meditation unfolds this awareness as it dissolves our habitual identifications with thoughts and images in its great silence. This silence is so beautiful. This silence will support us and guide us. When we need to know something, we will know it. When we need to do something, we will do it. We can remain at peace, knowing that the creative power of the whole universe can speak and act through us at will, without our meddling. When awareness needs to use our mind for a specific purpose, it will do so. We can analyse, plan, organize and make distinctions when it serves some purpose of awareness in this world of duality. When that work is over, we remain still and silent, abiding in the beauty of the Self.

When awareness is free of pollution, it reflects supreme consciousness as a still pond reflects the moon.

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Written by Robert Rabbin

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