You Are God

You will never understand nor will you ever believe who you are. You are beyond understanding and believing. You are that consciousness which pervades the entire universe. You are that from which everything is born. You are that in which everything is held. And, finally, you are that into which everything that appears dissolves and dies. Only you never die, because you are that into which the husks return to compost for future becoming.

You are the power that enlivens all creatures in all the worlds. You are the one indivisible consciousness that is beyond even itself. We can only use paradox, metaphor, and linguistic trickery and sleight of hand to hint at it. But thsoe hints are as far from the truth as a lost penny is from the wealth of ancients kings. This is the simple truth of your essence.

When you take in food, your body begins to digest it. When the digested food enters the small intestines, thousands of tiny villi begin to sift carefully through the food soup to select appropriate nutrients to absorb. There is an active consciousness behind this functioning, and that consciousness is you.

There are interstellar blue whales, impossibly huge behemoths of dust and debris, hundreds of light years long. This is not inert matter, coalescing by accident. There is consciousness there too, and you are that consciousness.

There are hierarchies of creatures and vast civilizations within inches of your face. You can’t see them, but they are there. They are built with consciousness, and that consciousness is who you are.

You may have heard this. You may even believe it. You may even teach it. But have you yet dropped the pretense and falsehood of the lesser self? Have you abandoned all other identities? Do you live with the courage and strength and knowing inherent in the consciousness that cannot be known, destroyed, or corrupted? Give everything else away and sink into this unfathomable abyss of being that you are.

Then everything will come back. But it will be different. Everything you want you will already have. You will be the all, and the all will be in you. You will move, without knowing how. You will love, without motive. You will have, without struggle. You will know, without study. You will heal, mysteriously. You will be at peace in God’s mind. Whatever is, will be your echo. Everything will be your voice.

May everyone be at peace, in love, and know their most perfect Self.

Robert Rabbin is an author, speaker, and advisor. He can be reached via e-mail at, or by writing: 2629 Manhattan Ave., Ste. 192, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. His new book, The Sacred Hub (The Crossing Press, ISBN: 0-89594-837-0), is available in bookstores or from the publisher at (800) 777-1048.

“Echoes in Silence” is a bi-weekly column by Robert Rabbin–author, speaker, and advisor–who has spend thirty years using self-inquiry as a means to explore the true nature of self, mind, reality, and consciousness.

His new book, The Sacred Hub (The Crossing Press, ISBN: 0-89594-837-0), is available through the bookstores nationwide.

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Written by Robert Rabbin

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