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Rheum palmatum

Rhubarb Root

Rheum palmatum Part Used: Rhizome of Rheum palmatum and other species, not the garden rhubarb. Constituents: Anthraquinone derivatives such as chrysophanic acid (=chrysophanol),emodin, aloe-emodin, rhein & physcion, with their O-glycosides such...

Mitchella repens

Partridge Berry

Mitchella repens Rubiaceae Names: Squaw Vine. Habitat: N. America. Collection: Being an evergreen herb, it may be found all year round inthe forest and woodland habitat it likes. It is best collected in flowerbetween April and June. Part Used:...

Lungwort Herb

Pulmonaria officinalis Boraginaceae Habitat: Shady places throughout Europe including Britain, cultivated in gardens. Part used: Leaves. Collection: The leavres should be gathered during and after flowering, between March and September...

Geranium maculatum


Geranium maculatum Part Used: The rhizome. Constituents: Tannins including gallic acid, with the level being highest just before flowering. Actions: Astringent, anti–haemorrhagic, anti-inflammatory, vulnerary. Indications: American Cranesbill...


Carum carvi Umbelliferae Habitat: Native to Europe, Asia and North Africa, widely cultivated. Collection: The flowering heads (umbels) are collected in July and left to ripen. The seeds are then easily collected as they can be shaken off. Part Used:...

Matricaria recutita


Matricaria recutita Part used: Flowering tops Constituents: There is a wealth of information about the whole range of components. However, this does not tell us much about the value and benefits of the herb as used in healing. The activity of the...

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