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Heart healthy herbs and foods

Herbs To Ease The Heart

Next time you feel anxious or can't sleep, you don't need to take drugs. Herbs are a safe and effective alternative to tranquilizers and sleeping pills. Proof of this came from a four week study conducted at the Salzburg University in Austria...

Naturopathic Medicine

The origin of naturopathy can be traced back to the ancient healing arts of a variety of cultures. Still, as a formal system of medicine and healing, it was developed in the United States nearly one hundred years ago by Benjamin Lust.

Live Long and be Happy!

Who says our lives must end at seventy or eighty years of age? What about the Hunzas and Azerbaijanis whose inhabitants sometimes reach well over 100? And the famous yogis in the Himalayas, some of whom are reputed to have lived for even hundreds of...

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