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Teeth and health:

What is the energetic link - if any - between teeth and our health, asked a reader last time. Readers have responded with a range of resources that might throw more light on this fascinating area of health. Apparently there's a good chart on a...

Yellow spots

One reader's seven-year-old son is developing yellow spots on his teeth. According to ayurvedic medicine, one reader tells us, it's caused by a pitta imbalance, which, in Western terms, means he's probably acidic.

Root canal and sinusitis:

A reader told us last time that she suffers severe pressure headaches from blocked sinuses. She suspects the cause is a root canal filling in an upper back tooth. Is she right? One reader reports feeling like 'a million bucks' after having a molar...

Breast Health Tip #6: Vitamin D

Vitamin D protects against breast cancer in several different ways. Your body is able to manufacture vitamin D through a chemical process in your skin caused by sunlight. Just 15 minutes of sunlight on your skin daily creates all the vitamin D you...

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