Teeth and health:

What is the energetic link – if any – between teeth and our health, asked a reader last time. Readers have responded with a range of resources that might throw more light on this fascinating area of health. Apparently there’s a good chart on a website run by a man called Dr Wolfe. His web address is: http://www.drwolfe.com. There’s also a chart on a website run by an organization called Dental Watch. Apparently Dental Watch is like Quack Watch, which has vowed to stamp out all forms of ‘unscientific’ medicine – so presumably conventional medicine will be flushed down their toilet any day now. Anyhows, the teeth chart is there to throw scorn at all those who believe in an association between our teeth and the rest of our bodies, but our reader tells us it’s quite a useful chart. Just ignore the diatribe that follows. It can be found on: http://www.dentalwatch.org. Another reader provides a quick overview of the theory. Starting with the front teeth (and apparently it applies to upper and lower jaw, and to either side of the front teeth), teeth 1 and 2 (the two front teeth, upper and lower jaw) link to the kidney and bladder, teeth 3 to the liver and gallbladder, teeth 4 and 5 to the lung and large intestine, 6 and 7 to the pancreas and stomach, and 8 to the heart and small intestine.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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