FLUORIDE:: Studies show it affects our children’s IQ

Fluoride in our water and toothpastes may be more dangerous than even we thought – but there’s a simple and safe way to stop dental decay.
Research suggests that it can affect the central nervous system, and the brain and thyroid mechanisms. These are new concerns, which can be added to the existing litany of skeletal and dental fluorosis, bone fractures, cancer, enzyme toxicity, pineal gland effects and elevated blood lead levels.
A research team in China discovered that the children living in a village that had high levels of fluoride in the water supply had overall lower IQ levels and higher levels of mental retardation than similar children in a village with low levels of fluoride in their water. This discovery was repeated in another study, which looked at children in two different villages and found that the high-fluoride children had far lower IQ levels than those in a low-fluoride village. A third study said that high fluoride levels could cause up to a 19 point decrease in IQ levels.
High fluoride levels also seem to affect the thyroid when the water also has low concentrations of iodine. Other studies from China have found that children in high fluoride/low iodine areas displayed thyroid abnormalities, a health concern that was repeated in four other Chinese trials.
But now the good news. Any good effects of fluoride can easily be achieved just by consuming xylitol, a sugar alcohol found in chewing gum. It’s also found in foods such as berries, plums, mushroom and lettuce. Recent studies have demonstrated that xylitol is an extremely effective protective agent against caries and other dental decay.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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