Perspectives: Of Moving Onward

Life goes on.

Scars of terrorism continue to tear at our souls.

We strive forward – as individuals, families, communities and a nation.

The status quo has been reset. The pursuit of happiness has been threatened. Freedom and safety are no longer taken for granted. Tomorrow is again uncertain.

Yet we move onward.

Each of us mourns in our own way. Some cope better than others. Some volunteer. Some are turned away. Some ignore the threat. Denial fails in the long run.

Loss is unbearable. Lost love is agonizing beyond words.

Some seek to retaliate. Others pray. Few prey on others.

Families discuss the unexplainable with children who we realize can never be fully protected.
Layoffs abound. Unemployment rises. Businesses give in. New jobs and opportunities are scarce. Sometimes destruction heralds recovery.

Yet we move onward.

A wounded economy shudders and reverberates throughout the world. Optimism must rally again. Solidarity is a first step.

Save for difficult times, or spend as a vote of confidence to strengthen the economy? Caught in a recession, or create one?

Rebuild the towers or not? What on the face of the earth justifies working on the 108th floor … or the second floor?

Twin icons are a target. They are also a symbol. Who needs symbolism anyway?

Perhaps we do. Yet at what cost?

Terrorism on our soil changes everything. Or does it?

America has never cowered to threats before. Who knows what’s next? We can only imagine. It’s too painful to ponder evil without conscience.

Tomorrow is just another day. Or is it?

How many more painful days are ahead? No one knows.

Yet we move onward.

Open our borders to everyone? Or close our gates in fear?

Fear is justified … it is also limiting. For now we live in fear.

We cannot survive in fear.

Faith resounds in our hearts and our souls. We are united under God. We practice the golden rule. Yet terrorists don’t follow that “rule.”

Vigils draw us together. Hatred separates us. Bigotry destroys the foundations of our nation.

We go to work and focus on our jobs. We strive to deny the lurking foe.

The foe doesn’t disappear just because it is ignored.

Yet we move onward.

We promise to learn from history. But history repeats itself – over and over again.

We ask for worldwide support. For we as Americans are wounded.

The rest of the world has already experienced terrorism. The pain is new to us. They mourn our losses. Yet are we there for them?

Some nations stand tall. Others back down.

The consequences of retaliation are horrible beyond comprehension. Yet the price of inaction tears at the fabric of who we are.

We saw bloodshed in the past. The future is likely to be tinged as well … and not through rose-colored glasses.

Yet we move onward.

Priorities are re-established. Goals are reframed.

History is forever changed. So are we … every one of us.

Illness replaces wellness … perhaps cellular memory reactivates the painful past.

They say time heals all wounds. Only time will tell. Now is the time to mourn, to heal and to pray.

And to face the challenges of dis-ease, while supporting each other, and building bonds that promote unity.

Families unite, people unite.

No less than the health and well-being of every man, woman and child on the planet is at stake.

We have awakened. Will our pain keep us awake?

In God we trust.

We must move onwardMind Over Matter!

©2001 Barry Bittman,
MD all rights reserved

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Written by Barry Bittman MD

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