Homeopathy In Dentistry

The following is a list of general guidelines for homeopathic remedies in dental care. Dosages vary with intensity and person.


Anxiety, nervousness, fear, physical and mental restlessness

Ambra grisia

Children with extreme nervousness

Ammonium carbonica

Pain on chewing, TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder)

Antimonium crudum

Dry lips, cracks at corners of lips, canker sores

Apis mellifica

Swollen gums; red, sore tongue and throat


Easily bleeding gums; dry, ulcerated tissues, toothache that
is worse at night

Arsenicum album

Dry mouth with ulcerations

Arsenicum metallicum

Tongue that is coated white, ulcers in mouth


Toothache, abscess, fever


Toothache that feels better with cold water, swollen gums

Calcarea fluorica

Loose teeth, toothache when chewing


Cuts and other wounds caused by tooth extraction


Oral herpes, bad breath


Toothache that intensifies with hot or warm foods or drinks

Echinacea rudbeckia

Canker sores, cracks at corners of lips


Loss of taste

Hepar sulphuris

Painful, bleeding gums; swelling, infection


Injuries to nerves as in deep cavities; for pain control after any major dental treatment

Kali phosphoricum

Bad breath; excessive dry mouth in the morning


Dry mouth, bad breath

Mercurius vivus

Metallic-tasting saliva, general body weakness

Plantago major

Toothache that is sensitive to touch, worse with cold


Toothache, bad breath, alteration or loss of taste

Rhamnus californica

Muscular pain and swollen joints in jaw (TMJ)


Toothache during menstruation, anger, mood swings

Trillium pendulum

Excessive bleeding after tooth extraction


Excessive exposure to x-rays, painful throat during swallowing
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Written by Flora Parsa Stay DDS

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