Seven years ago, my only medical problem was a prolapsed bladder. But I chose the wrong gynaecologist for this procedure. In addition to performing a hysterectomy against my wishes, she did a great deal of damage some would say she completely butch

From the start, I was left with bowel and bladder problems. Clearly, she had removed far too much vaginal tissue. After a few weeks, the vault of the vagina collapsed. I was referred to another surgeon, who again butchered me, leaving me with dense scar tissue and a foreshortened vagina.

The third gynaecologist supposedly a leading surgeon took the dramatic step of cutting through my stomach muscles to see what had gone wrong. When he stitched me up, he did not connect the muscles correctly. Yet another gynaecologist found a lot of loose tissue which had allowed my bowel to grow through into the scar tissue.

This gynaecologist had been adamant that he could put me right.

Nevertheless, I have been in far more pain since his operation.

After the first operation, I was left with back pain, and scans showed that I had four enormous Tarlov (perineural) cysts in the spinal canal. I consulted a leading neurosurgeon, who told me that all my bowel and bladder problems were being caused by the Tarlov cysts, which he’d had success in curing.

For a year after this surgery, I was an invalid and experiencing the sort of pain that I cannot describe.

A year after this operation, I decided to consult another leading neurosurgeon for a second opinion. He was completely honest with me and told me that far too little was known about Tarlov cysts and that they should never be touched. His scans also showed that the operation had been a complete waste of time. The cysts, which the surgeon had drained and plugged with fat from my body, had refilled and pieces of fat were floating around in the midst of the fluid.

I then began researching Tarlov cysts. If I had done this before I had agreed to surgery, I would have never in a million years have allowed any surgeon to touch my spine. Even when the operation is technically successful, 35 per cent of patients are left in more pain than before. ES, Bedford……..

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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