This lichen (a combination of a fungus and algae), which hangs from trees like Spanish moss, was found in Egyptian royal tombs. It is a fixative in chypre-type perfumes (named after Cyprus, the home of this moss) and was a popular 16th-century perfume. It is collected in Yugoslavia, France, Italy and Morocco.

Family: Usneaceae

Extraction: Absolute, concrete (vacuum-distilled from absolute). Offers an earthy, full and slightly sweet fragrance.

Emotional Attribute: Creates sense of home, attachment, belonging.

Associated Oil:

Tree Moss (E. furfuracea) –This lichen has a sharper odor than oakmoss, especially when it grows on pines, which contributes a turpentine-like quality to the original bouquet.

Kathi Keville Written by Kathi Keville

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