Turning the Mind Inward

Thoughts often gather together in specific categories, which other thoughts have invented. One category our thoughts invent is called “spiritual.” When thoughts gather and group into this category, we begin to think spiritual thoughts and speak spiritual words. When this happens, we may start thinking that we understand the true nature of Self and of Reality. While this may comfort the mind, this type of understanding has no real value, by which I mean it has no value in Reality. Still, spiritual thoughts might serve as a placebo, sugared water that induces the mind to turn inward towards its source, where it is cleansed and healed of delusion. In this case, spiritual thoughts have value, but only if they induce the mind to turn inward. The true alchemy is not in having spiritual thoughts, but in what happens to the mind when the mind turns towards its source. The mind dissolves into clear awareness, and it becomes Silent. When the mind becomes Silent by turning inward towards its source, the mind becomes the image of Silence in this world. Such a mind easily transmits the pure light of Silence, of clear awareness, of intuitive wisdom. One whose mind transmits the pure light of Silence is whole, joyful, and peaceful, regardless of circumstances or conditions. Thoughts and beliefs about the nature of Self and Reality no longer arise in the mind. They are no longer relevant.

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Written by Robert Rabbin

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