We’re All Players in this Divine World Drama–But Who’s the Playwright?

Like a staged play, your life is being acted out while you learn to be loving and true to your highest nature. You may not realize it, but we all create storylines based on how we see ourselves and how we interpret each experience. Once we create our story, we live it out as though it were the Truth. Every participator in our drama then plays out a role exactly as we’ve defined it! This reality picture is what you are creating from that big world of possibilities. Watch and see!

When we become trapped in some old, limited storyline that no longer serves us, we begin to suffocate and so do our relationships. We can get so entangled in our plots, we forget our greater purpose. When we can feel our connection to God or a Higher Power, we are fulfilled. Jung describes this fulfillment:.

If one knows that one has been singled out by divine choice and intention from the beginning of the world, then one feels lifted beyond the transitoriness and meaninglessness of ordinary human existence, and transported to a new state of dignity and importance, like one who has a part in the divine world drama.

–Carl Jung, Collected Works Vol. 11, rev. ea., ed Gerhard Alder et al., trans. R. Hull Princeton, NJ.: Princeton University, 1969).

Your role, then, in this divine world scheme is to be willing to be fully your Self. We humans are the only species in all the kingdoms of nature who can make meaning and feel compassion for the whole.

Our consciousness, as you can now see, works like a searchlight. We sense something in the spiritual world, feel inspired, and bring it to this world, giving it a name. It can be an idea, a product, a relationship, a dream, a talent, a hope–whatever. We are materializing spirit. Conversely, we can see something in this world through our spiritual perspective. When we do this, we are spiritualizing matter. In other words, when we can give something in our mundane lives significant meaning or sacred Purpose, we have spiritualized it. This is how we spiritualize the material world–step by step, event by event.

While we are living this way, we begin to grow more enlightened. As we begin to see the God-self in others, we spiritualize them. And they do the same for us. We all learn to acknowledge and empower one another for our true talents, visions, and dreams. We start to shine, and as we become more comfortable with ourselves, we encourage others to shine as well.

Though we learn to become more connected to others, we are constantly guided from within by the inner Knower. We let more and more of our true selves show. Whenever we slip below this level of consciousness and function automatically or in our old ways, our Observer prompts us.

Later on, when we are all more enlightened, we’ll begin to materialize as Spirit; we’ll walk this earth as the One who lives from view of the winged bird. We’ll be following the path of the Christ, the Buddha, or whoever models Authenticity for us. We will be part of implementing a Divine Plan as courageous co-creators.

To consciously choose to become a fully realized being means you are volunteering to be used by the forces of evolution. Instead of just letting nature take its course, individuating you gradually, you will enter onto an accelerated path. And you will transform by leaps and bounds through rapid sequences of death and rebirth. Does this sound familiar? Stop and think a minute about your own growth pattern over the past few years.

Now, stop a minute and quickly take stock of your life. Think about the quality of your current relationships and circumstances. How are you seen by your intimates concerning

1. your mental equanimity?

2. your emotional maturity?

3. your need to be in control?

What is the quality of your primary relationship? It is here, within the domain of intimacy that we most often are shown our deepest wounds and our most imbedded attachments or addictions. Be honest. No one is listening but you. Perhaps your Higher Mind has an objective comment to make on your behalf at this point.

If you have a major leftover issue still floating around unhealed, you may need to take some time out, find a therapist or spiritual guide, and go deeply into yourself for a while. Your time of completion may have come. Your identity may be ready to shift into someone more expanded from who you’ve always thought you were.

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Written by Jacquelyn Small LCSW

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