HealthWorld Launches the Wellness Inventory Whole Person Assessment Program

(Los Angeles: May 15, 2003) HealthWorld Online is pleased to announce the release of the WELLNESS INVENTORY, a dynamic “whole person” assessment program for the corporate wellness, healthcare, fitness and spa/hospitality markets. “In a world that offers little or no support for healthy lifestyles, the WELLNESS INVENTORY provides a missing link, supporting individuals in increasing their sense of health and well-being while promoting personal growth,” according to Jim Strohecker, CEO and co-founder of HealthWorld Online.

The WELLNESS INVENTORY enables people to self-assess in 12 key areas of personal wellness–from breathing, eating, and movement, to communicating, emotions & spirituality. Wellness and satisfaction scores clarify areas of strength and weakness and pinpoint the areas of their lives they are most highly motivated to change. The program then provides guidance in creating goals for a personalized wellness plan as well as the resources for its successful implementation.

The WELLNESS INVENTORY is based on the pioneering work of John W. Travis, M.D., M.P.H., recognized as a founder of the modern wellness movement. “Over the past 30 years, the term ‘wellness’ has become diluted and is now often equated with stress management, smoking cessation, fitness, and screening for health problems,” asserts Dr. Travis. “True wellness is much more–encompassing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being–an experience of aliveness and vitality that comes from your dynamic interaction with the world in and around you.”

“The WELLNESS INVENTORY is a unique and engaging online experience, integrating education with self-exploration,” reports Strohecker. “As a tool for promoting self-understanding and personal health and wellness, it plays a central role in our vision of Self-Managed Care. We are pleased to continue our mission of introducing the breakthrough contributions of pioneers and innovators in the fields of wellness, self-care and natural medicine to the mainstream audience.”

Licenses for the WELLNESS INVENTORY are being offered to corporate wellness programs, hospitals, HMOs, spas, fitness centers, health professionals, wellness coaches and consultants. Licensees will receive detailed, customized demographic reports of wellness scores, providing a powerful tool for determining the needs of specific client, patient, employee or community segments.

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Dr. Travis, widely regarded as a pioneer of the wellness movement in America, is author of Simply Well: Choices for a Healthy Life (Ten Speed Press) and the classic and influential Wellness Workbook (Ten Speed Press). He opened the first wellness center in the U.S. in 1975 in Mill Valley, California.

HealthWorld Online (, founded in March, 1995, is the world’s original and leading Internet network focused on wellness, healthy living and alternative/complementary medicine.


Jim Strohecker, President

Gary Sandman, Vice President of Sales

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