Nutritional Health Alliance Comments on FDA Ephedra Ban: :Finally The FDA is Using the Tools It Was Given In DSHEA


On December 30, 2003, the FDA announced a ban on the sale of Ephedra containing products – dietary supplements that contain ephedrine alkaloids – including Ephedra containing weight loss products and bodybuilding products.

“Finally the FDA is using the tools it was given to protect the public” stated NHA President Gerald Kessler. “The ban proves that FDA has adequate authority to remove products it can establish are dangerous to the public,” stated Kessler. “DSHEA works. This is good consumer protection and industry support.”

“The misuse of Ephedra has long been a festering problem for the entire supplement industry. My hope is that those companies that sold Ephedra will immediately comply with the ban. Any attempt to challenge the ban is not good for the industry or consumers.

Consumer misuse of Ephedra is not an indication that DSHEA is flawed. It serves as an excuse for the foes of the supplement industry to attack DSHEA.

Because FDA has been remiss in using the clear authority it was given by DSHEA, they have put the entire ethical dietary supplement industry under criticism.

Congress must give the FDA the resources to do its job under DSHEA and the NHA will work with Congress and HHS so they will not misunderstand the dietary supplement issues.” cautioned Kessler.

The NHA will support the ban on Ephedra and focus its efforts on assuring that consumers have access to safe and beneficial dietary supplements by protecting and strengthening DSHEA.

FDA has stated it will examine replacement products. It is important to note that consumers are demanding access to safe and beneficial dietary supplements that could replace Ephedra to avoid misuse issues. There are numerous safe and beneficial supplements that can be used as replacements for Ephedra.

The NHA represents consumers and is part of a coalition to reform and improve Dietary Supplement regulation under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

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Written by National Health Alliance

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