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Cincinnati, OH (March 18, 2004) You’ve heard the sayings. “It’s too bad kids don’t come with instruction manuals.” “Being a parent is the hardest job I’ve ever had and one that I’ve had the least training for.” “You need more training to drive a car than to be a parent”.

The point is that raising children is very challenging and parents can use all the help they can get. And there are no pat answers. Every situation is different. That’s why general articles and general expert advice too often fall flat when parents are looking for help. Parents need more than general advice. They need emotional support from someone who understands the challenges and they need help thinking through things. Parents are the best experts about their children. With just a little help from a coach the full power of their expertise can be unleashed.

Recently, articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and Better Homes and Gardens as well as other popular media outlets about the new phenomenon of parent coaching. Professional counselors are going into people’s homes and working with them over the phone and the Internet. They typically charge parents a professional hourly rate and so these services are available only to the relatively affluent.

Hummingbird Coaching Services has taken a fresh new approach. The Cincinnati, Ohio based company wanted to develop a high quality, professional coaching service for parents that would be very affordable to most parents. is an Internet-based coaching service that matches parents with their own personal trained coach. All coaches have at least a Master level degree. Coaches provide emotional support and they help parents understand what is going on with their children. Then, based on this improved understanding, together the coach and parent develop ideas for change.

“Research has shown that over 90% of parents find the coaching significantly more helpful than books and magazines and advice from friends and family,” according to Hummingbird Coaching founder and CEO, Sean Slovenski. “Further, about 70% of parents experience significant improvement within the first 6 weeks of working with their coach, and over 92% are satisfied with the service.” is easy to use. Parents can log on and communicate with their coach whenever it is most convenient – whatever time of day or night. And, they know they will hear back from their coach by the next day if not the same day. The Hummingbird Coaching Services staff is very excited to be able to offer this valuable service to all parents.

For a limited time, is offering parents their first month free. For more information about parent coaching from Hummingbird Coaching Services or to take advantage of this offer, visit Complete the join form, entering promotional code 412HW. If you have any additional questions or would like to contact Hummingbird Coaching Services directly, please call 1-877-240-4588.

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Written by Sean Slovenski

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