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It is no news that proper weight management requires two things: managing food intake and getting adequate amounts of exercise.
Dieting fads always focus on the issue of food intake. Is it a matter of counting calories, or fats, or carbohydrates, or paying attention to specific food combinations? It is well known by now that almost any diet can help people lose weight. The important questions are: a.) Is the diet healthy, and b.) Is it doable and sustainable? The recent popularity of the Atkins and South Beach diets centers mainly around its “do-ability”… people find that they can readily adhere to it because they don’t find it overly restrictive. The debate around healthfulness is still ongoing. As I was told by a salesman when I was recently shopping for home exercise equipment and asked about the benefits of a treadmill vs. an “elliptical,” “Pick the one you will use!” The problem most people encounter with any program is sustaining their adherence over a period of time.

Here’s where Hummingbird Coaching Services of Cincinnati, Ohio is making the most important and most recent contribution to the field of weight management. They have developed an affordable and convenient service, that pairs dieters with their own personal coach who helps them structure a plan and then helps them follow through. Though some diet programs already offer coaching assistance in person, the new approach is done over the Internet. People can communicate with their coach when it is most convenient for them…which is a big deal in this day and age of hurried lives. And, because of efficiencies that Hummingbird Coaching Services has developed, the service is relatively cheap. If someone is already investing their time, effort, and hopes in a dieting program, the small cost of adding a personal coach can be a great benefit.

Research shows that success of behavior change programs, such as weight management programs, can be improved 300% depending on how goals are set up and how the plans are supported. provides that coaching support that utilizes all of the best research to help people structure their program and follow through. The coaching process is painless – it is easy, it takes up very little time, and it is completely convenient. Now, dieters can get real help achieving their goals, no matter what method of dieting they have chosen. Let your coach help you score. It is that simple.

For a limited time, is offering interested individuals their first month free. For more information about health coaching from Hummingbird Coaching Services or to take advantage of this offer, visit Complete the join form, entering promotional code 412HW. If you have any additional questions or would like to contact Hummingbird Coaching Services directly, please call 1-877-240-4588 or visit their website at

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Written by Sean Slovenski

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